Students are exposed to the basic fundamentals and concepts in theory classes  under a very logical and scientific approach. They learn the application of concepts through sets of illustrations in a stepwise increasing level of toughness to firmly grasp the fundamentals and concepts through their application in various situations. It develops the analytical skills and problem solving abilities in students.


  • Comprehensive study material.
  • 3 lecture in a day. However, the frequency of classes may be increased during summer vacation school holidays.
  • Each lecture will be of 60 minute (1 hour) duration.
  • Concepts building through theory, illustration and derivation competitive spirit.
  • Periodic cumulative tests (objective &sub ) develop in the classes.
  • Regular assessment through “Daily practice problem (DPPs)”
  • Special doubt clearing sessions.
  • Parents & Teachers meeting on regular basis.
  • Periodic reshuffling students in batches to inculcate the competive spirit.
  • Caring & committed tearn administration and management.


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