At CMI EDUTECH PVT. LTD institute we understand the student’s concerns that is why we cover the various subjects-Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Social Studies and English in our class room programme.

Making sure that a student greats one stop solution for his/her academic needs. The traditional lecture method, in which teachers talk and students listen, usually dominate coaching classes. But in CMI EDUTECH PVT. LTD institute students do more than just listen. They visualize, and get engaged in solving problems. Most important is that students engage in higher-order thinking tasks as analysis, aynthesis and evaluation of concepts and fundamentals.

Use of Hi-Tech teaching aids in the classroom along with chalk and talk is a vital part of teaching in CMI EDUTECH PVT. LTDinstitute. Which leaves invinsible impact upon students’ learing complex concepts with ease?

The notes, Assignments, Daily practice (DPPs), Test papers and Questions Bank Which will be provided to students are the best example of excellent research and continuous development.

Assessment  Method
In  CMI EDUTECH Institute we believe in – depth assessment which is extremely essential for actual evaluation. For this we have adopted these following ways.

Formal: It involves testing children through periodic surprise. These tests measures progress of the students and provide information to teacher about whether a student is ready for next level or not.

Informal: It involves observing students either by listing to them in class or by their homework DPP (Daily Practice Problem). In this way teacher can see if any individual children need additional support.

Self Assessment: In this student assess themselves what they learned so far and also help them to focus where they need to improve upon.

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