CMI was founded on 18-July-2003 with a concept to provide objective–centric coaching education in  a different , innovative and affable learning  environment in the challenging field .
At our institute We make the foundation of student knowledge  and ability  so ample  that his/her career building become very easy .We design our course in such a manner that not only develop  educational skills but also prepare students to face competition with confidence . For this we have our permanent team of higher qualified experts.
We assume that your need will be fulfilled when you will be CMI. Our system is highly scientific  therefore when you join CMI you become a part of powerful force which propels you towards success.  
Continuous improvement and innovation of all teaching learning process including those of study  material and model test paper development  at CMI.

The chief Motto of the institution is unearthing the talents of the students and whetting them to the core. The Institute airm’s at their all round development so that they can tide over the toughest hurdles in their lives and can ultimately become successful citizens.

CMI Edutect Pvt. Ltd. has been implementation new and innovative methods of impaction a wide ranging education to its students in all aspects. The comprehensive range of state of the art infrastructure that is constantly upgraded as and when required, speaks for itself. The real strength is the strong and enviable team faculty, who are renowned for their prowess to elicit the desired results and winning performance form every student. The strategy adopted for the onerous purpose of educating lives is to pave their way to a glorious future by instilling lection confidence and  qualities like sincerity, dedication, determination, discipline and devotion towards the realization of their ultimate ambition.
We work hard to equip the student with the best of knowledge so that he/she secures  a good rank.
If it interests you and you want to have an edge, we encourage you to join CMI Edutect Pvt. Ltd. for stupendous success.

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